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Glasgow & the Clyde Valley

This region covers the area in and around the cultural city of Glasgow, the north and south banks of the Clyde Estuary and the River Clyde Valley. Many people still think of this area as the industrial heartland of Scotland which it once was. Times have changed now however and there are plenty of scenic delights to attract visitors from all over the world.

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Lots to Explore

The city's industrial past has left a rich legacy in the likes of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at New Lanark, not to mention the amazing architecture, as the 19th century sugar, tobacco and shipbuilding barons channelled their wealth into the impressive buildings they commissioned.

There is always something going on in Glasgow, which, following its successful hosting of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, has world-class sporting venues which will be used again and again for other international events. There are music and drama festivals galore featuring all the big names in its theatres, concert halls, parks and even pubs.

Why not try 'A Play, a Pie and a Pint' at Oran Mor in the West End, where you can turn up and get your lunch and your culture in a single package as you eat one and watch the other!

One of the city's other advantages is how easy it is to get there, either by plane, train or car, and how easy it is, using the city as a centre, to access so many other areas of the country.