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Payment by Results

Payment by Results

At Unique Cottages, we like to keep things as simple and transparent as possible - with no hidden charges.

We don't believe in having a different rate for just about every week of the year (which must make it very difficult for owners to keep track of what their net return should be).

So, we have four clearly defined rental bands, and before you sign up with us you get a net figure for each of them.

Our Charging Structure

Our charging structure, too, is as simple as we can make it; you only pay us anything when we let the house for you. There are no standing charges such as registration fees, booking fees, photography fees or fees for additional advertising. If we don't let your house, you pay us not a penny. All we ask is that the property is marketed exclusively through Unique Cottages and that you commit to us for at least a year.

Our commission is deducted only when the balance of the rental goes into your account. It's tax deductible and of course the VAT is reclaimable if you are VAT registered.

We would only take on a property if, with our 40 years' experience, we were wholly confident we could let it well for you. We can also supply, free of charge and without obligation, a projection of what we consider would be a realistic income for you from your property. Letting through Unique Cottages really should be a win-win decision for you.